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Bogong Ski Club is one of the oldest ski clubs in Victoria. It was formed in 1940 in the small settlement of Bogong by a group of enthusiastic employees of the former State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) as an SEC social club. Initially they used SEC transport and facilities to ski on the Bogong High Plains, later to choose a site at the present day Falls Creek and develop into the well established club we know today.

The club has now celebrated over 74 years of operation and membership is available to all members of the community. The club has set a membership limit and very few opportunities to join are available.

This history is a developing document and contribution from members and former members are welcome. If you have any material I would love to hear from you. A suitable first contact would be by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Original Bogong Ski Lodge

The original Bogong Ski Club Lodge

The Early Days PDF Print E-mail

The Kiewa Hydro Electric Project as it is known today is a vast area of mountains river valleys and gorges and into this came the surveyors and investigators of the SEC in the early 1920`s. By then there had been established tent camps at various points throughout the area. In the early 1930`s a timber framed building was built on the Bogong High plains near Wallace`s Gap and became known as the SEC cottage.

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Consolidation in the 50's PDF Print E-mail
By the start of the 50's the Victorian economy was moving quickly and the development of the Kiewa scheme was following this. Membership of the club was still restricted to employees of the SEC Kiewa area and there were about 75 members. The club had two lodges, a bank balance of £131.3.1 and was investigating a club vehicle to make it easier to get people and their gear to the lodge.
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A Lodge of our own PDF Print E-mail

Through these early years the members were concerned that these makeshift accommodation arrangements were not really suitable. The members were aware that if they could have a permanent building of their own in the snowfields that they could bring supplies in during the summer season for use during the winter. Added benefits of a club hut on the High Plains were the safety considerations and the convenience of having an `on snow` secure storage place for your skis.

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Coming of Age PDF Print E-mail

As a club entering the 60’s we have now reached some important milestones. The membership is now open to all, not just SEC employees or local Kiewa employees like the early days. The Falls Creek village is starting to grow and develop modern ski facilities but all the lifts and downhill skiing is still in the bowl area. The club is moving towards a rebuilding program, the days of the old hut are numbered.

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