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Bogong Ski Club is one of the oldest ski clubs in Victoria. It was formed in 1940 in the small settlement of Bogong by a group of enthusiastic employees of the former State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SEC) as an SEC social club. Initially they used SEC transport and facilities to ski on the Bogong High Plains, later to choose a site at the present day Falls Creek and develop into the well established club we know today.

The club has now celebrated over 74 years of operation and membership is available to all members of the community. The club has set a membership limit and very few opportunities to join are available.

This history is a developing document and contribution from members and former members are welcome. If you have any material I would love to hear from you. A suitable first contact would be by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Original Bogong Ski Lodge

The original Bogong Ski Club Lodge

The 70's and 80's PDF Print E-mail

After the big changes of the 60’s the club moved to a quieter period enjoying the benefits of the new lodge in its prime location in the centre of activity at Falls Creek. Remember at this time all activity was in the Frying Pan bowl sheltered from the westerly and southerly winds. The only lifts above the race line were the Summit and Village T bars so you could always find a sheltered spot and hop off the T bar if it got too cold anyway.

I remember in those days of arriving at Falls on Saturday morning, parking the car somewhere near the bottom of the Gully Chair and then putting you skis on at the Chair. You then ski over to the lift with all your gear, the towie puts your bags on a chair and you follow up on the next one. At the top you collect it all and ski down to the lodge, if you could carry it all they put it on the lift for you. This sure beat oversnow for time and hassles. On the Sunday afternoon we used to ski down the road and walk back to the car. Of course the advantage of having the lodge to leave your skis and leftover food for next weekend just made it even easier.

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Since the formation of the club in 1940 the club has adopted a number of versions of our logo.

The first version set the pattern and consisted of an inverted triangle enclosing the letters BSC and a skier. It was used on club letterheads, the club map and a metal badge. It is likely that this first design was suggested by Stokes and Son the badge makers.

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The 90's and a Milestone PDF Print E-mail


In June of 1990 the club reached it’s 50th birthday. Over half a century the club had grown from a small social club for workers in Bogong to a successful club with a limit set at just over 100 members. The location of the lodge in Falls Creek was one of the few genuine ski in ski out lodges.

To celebrate, a formal dinner, held in March, brought in current and former members from across the country. It was a great night of reminiscing and meeting up again with members you see only in the ski season and then only if you happen to be in at the same time. More photos from this celebration are in the Club Photo album.

To help us celebrate the season turned out to be a boomer. By August the snow just kept on coming and the snow was up to the top of the balcony railing. Shovel, shovel and shovel some more! Why do you need a fridge when you can just put your food in a hole under the railing.

Minutes of inaugural meeting of Ski Club PDF Print E-mail

Minutes of inaugural meeting of Ski Club held in lounge of Kiewa House, Bogong on Wednesday evening July 17th 1940 at

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