BSC Newsletter - Winter/Spring 2018 Print

Welcome to the 2018 Bogong Ski Club Winter/Spring Newsletter. 

Members are reminded that junior members can now join the club as full members from when they turn 18 years of age and before they turn 21 years of age. It is up to members to ensure junior members of the family maintain their membership for five consecutive years preceding their application to qualify to become a full member of the club. Once turning 21 years of age children of full members are no longer eligible to stay at Bogong Ski Club as a junior member.

It is important to note that if applications for full membership are not completed on time (i.e. before the junior member turns 21 years old), the junior member will no longer be eligible to join as a full member of the club. 

Member News

It is with regret that we have received the resignation of members Colin & Rhonda Gillespie.

Isobella Obst is welcomed as a new member of the club, qualifying for membership from our junior member ranks. 

November Working Bee

There will be an end-of-season working bee held at the lodge on the weekend of the 17th November. All members are welcome, and accommodation for the weekend will be free of charge. Anyone who is able to attend, please contact the Booking Officer. 

Reminders and Housekeeping

We wish to remind members and guests to vacate the kitchen between 10am and 12pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays whilst cleaning is in progress.

Members are also reminded to make sure their rostered duty is completed each day. Rosters can be found on the wall in the kitchen area, just inside the entry to the kitchen/dining area. 

We also remind members to keep their ski gear stored in a tidy fashion in the designated storage areas. Any ski gear left out in areas other than ski lockers or designated areas will be discarded at the close of the ski season. 

Booking System

Ski in Spring and pay Summer rates! As we are now into September, lodge bookings are now priced at the summer rates. There is still plenty of snow, so book in now for some sensational Spring Skiing.

Members are reminded that as per booking rules, bookings without payment will be held for seven days only and must be paid within that time. If payment does not occur the booking will be cancelled. The onus is on the person making the booking to expedite the booking, not the Booking Officer.

Any alteration to bookings must be done through the Booking Officer. The Booking Officer will maintain a wait list for all types of bookings and where a booking is not paid for, or contravenes the booking rules, the booking officer is able to re-allocate that room to a person(s) on the wait list. 

Falls Creek Update 2018

Entering into the Spring Ski season, plenty of events and activities are still upcoming, including:

  • “The Dreamer”, happening on Saturday 15 September, is a terrain park event being held at Panorama Park. This event is all about riding and having fun with friends, with prizes for progressing and trying new tricks throughout the day.

  • “The Bandwagon Banked Slalom” is a competition not for the faint-hearted. Located over at Ruined Castle on Sunday September 16, this event is full of berms, bumps and spills galore. Be sure to dress in your best “wild wild west” costumes for some great prizes. Helmets compulsory.

  • Night-skiing still on every Wednesday and Saturday nights 6-9pm, weather & conditions permitting

    • Australia’s only mass start, snow dirt road enduro returns to the slopes of Falls Creek once again. Taking off from the summit of McKay, or the Ski Patrol bases as used in 2017, riders will traverse the snowy peak, through single track, fire trails and the High Plains Road to the pristine shore of Lake Guy in Bogong Village. Combining snow, dirt and road, the course takes riders 23 kilometres through snowy roads, single track (seven kilometres), fire trails and sealed mountain roads for a total descent of 1,750 metres. A mass start on snow is something that is not to be missed. Saturday 6th October 2018

For a full list of winter activities go to the Falls Creek Resort Management website at 


Maintenance items completed since last update include:

  • Broken window in room 15 replaced with new standard double glazing
  • Power outage caused by fault at meter repaired by power company
  • Boiler control valve for level 3 repaired
  • Replacement of lighting in ski room and battery packs for emergency lighting 

Site Lease Renewal

The current lease for Bogong Ski Club is due to expire in 2027.

We are currently seeking members’ input regarding the site lease renewal. There is a suggestion book in the lounge room in which we invite members and their guests to write, with feedback and ideas for the future.

Alternatively, there is an online survey which can be found at

We would appreciate as many people as possible completing this survey to give the committee the best idea of what our members envision for the future.

Committee Contact Details 


Peter Purcell  

  0411 194 694

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Richard Jowett

  0438 562 072

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Graeme Obst

  0428 211 477

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Booking Officer

Kate Eltringham

  0419 820 433

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Robyne T.

  0419 614 090  

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Peter Purcell

  0411 194 694