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Welcome to the BSC Summer Newsletter

Welcome to the first Bogong Ski Club Newsletter for 2013. This newsletter comes after what has been a very dry and hot late spring and summer.The severity and duration of this hot weather has caused a heightened level of fire risk in the Alpine areas which with any source of ignition can cause major bushfire problems in the Alpine areas.


Annual General Meeting – Notice of Meeting 

A notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been included with this newsletter. The date for the meeting is 23 March 2013, 2pm to be held at the lodge. 

As raised at the 2012 AGM, the Committee proposes to put to this year’s AGM as a Special Resolution for a revision to rule 5, to address the issues that have occurred with the administration of this rule in the past with junior members becoming full members of the club. The rule change is proposed to simplify the transition between Junior to Full Membership be removing the criteria of full time student and bringing forward the age at which Junior Members are required to apply for Full Membership from 24 to 21. Details of the proposed rule are included in the Notice of AGM. 


Review of Rules of Bogong Ski Club 

The Victorian Department of Justice has recently outlined a number of requirements under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 that the constitution of clubs and organisations must address. Prior to the submission of any revised rules to the Department for incorporation into the Rules of Bogong Ski Club, the new requirements will have to be addressed and brought to members of Bogong Ski Club for a resolution. Work is progressing on these new requirements. It should be noted that official adoption of any new rules is subject to resolution of the requirements under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.


2013 Committee Elections

As most members of our club would be aware elections were recently held for three positions on the committee. There are three positions vacated each year and this year four nominations were received for the positions vacated. 

The results of the election were as follows: 

Marie O’Brien                94 votes

Brendan Bain                89 votes

Noel Eltringham             72 votes

Richard Jowett              52 votes. 

The three members who will fill the positions on committee for the next three years, effective at the Annual General Meeting are Marie O’Brien, Brendan Bain and Noel Eltringham.

 3 Peaks Challenge

The 3 Peaks Challenge is conducted over a 235km course through Victoria’s Alpine Region on 10 March 2013. The Bogong High Plains Road between falls Creek and Omeo Highway has been sealed, creating the opportunity the road cycling event. The course starts and finishes at Falls Creek circumnavigating Victoria’s Alpine Region traversing Tawonga Gap to Bright, Mt Hotham, Omeo and back to Falls Creek.Subject to limitations that may be imposed with the ongoing bushfires in the region the organising committee still propose to conduct the event. An announcement on any limitations will be made closer to the event.Further details and updates can be found on the Bicycle Network Victoria website:

Bookings at Bogong Ski Club and Limited Member usage

Bookings over the Christmas New year period were excellent with the lodge at or near to capacity on a number of days. 

Members should be aware that any Limited Members or Limited Junior Members introduced into the lodge must be accompanied by a full member when they first use the facilities of the lodge. Problems have occurred in some recent bookings where Limited Members haven’t been accompanied by a Member when first using the lodge to show them the safety and operational requirements. Additionally, Members should note that in signing Limited Members into the lodge, you are ultimately responsible for their conduct and any issues that may arise.In some cases guests have vacated the lodge and have not emptied rubbish bins nor has food been removed from fridges and lockers. This has left a very unpleasant clean up for the next guests arriving at the lodge. Ultimately guests may be excluded from making future bookings at the lodge

Locker Room and Ski Storage

For safety reasons we need to mention once again that articles are not to be stored on the top of lockers. Similarly skis have been left at various locations in the ski storage area without being secured in a ski locker. Should you have gear left on the top of lockers or skis not secured in ski locks please remove the items/skis as soon as possible or contact the secretary for the items/skis to be removed for you.


Major maintenance items that have already been completed over spring/summer include the painting of rooms 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 14 and 15. The other bedrooms will be painted the following summer. 

Replacement of one of the electric hot water systems which ruptured at the start of the season. It was the rear hot water unit so the repairs couldn’t be tackled during the season without a major shutdown as the remaining hot water systems have to be removed prior to installing the new system. 

Replacement of three broken windows in the dining room (completed), children’s lounge and in the kitchen.

Replacement of the shower in room 11 with a new solid base has been completed. The existing moulded shower cubicle was leaking into the room below. This issue has been a problem in a number of the moulded shower cubicles and these units are slowly being replaced as problems occur.

The shelves for the returning guest storage in the sauna will be installed in Autumn.

 Alpine Bushfire Risk

During mid January 2013 the Committee of Bogong Ski Club had to take action to close the lodge to visitor use when bushfires at Harrietville caused a “Watch and Act” warning to be issued for Falls Creek. This caused one group to cancel their booking. 

Whilst we all enjoy of summer in the Alps, it is important to remember that they are a high risk area for bush fires and everyone who visits needs to take responsibility for their own safety both in the club and out and about on the mountain. 

In the event of a fire all guest are expected to follow the instructions and advice from the local authorities.  This may include evacuation off the mountain.  The Committee will close the club if relevant warnings are issued for the Falls Creek area. It is a club policy to avoid having guests on the mountain at times where fire warning have been put in place.  At this time anyone who has a booking will be advised that the lodge is unavailable and a refund or reorganisation of provided.

During the time of the Bushfire warning activities on the mountain such as the Dragon Boat festival were cancelled. 

For bushfire conditions updates, please refer to the CFA’s website: and your local ABC radio station. 

Falls Creek Alpine Resort’s Boundary Proposed To Be Changed 

The Victorian State Government is proposing changes to the boundary of the Falls creek Alpine Resort. The proposals envisage a number of boundary changes including: 

  • The addition of 9.6 hectares of land from the Alpine national Park on the northern shore of the Rocky Valley Storage
  • A small realignment of land in Sun valley that currently houses Resort infrastructure
  • The addition of part of the Howmans Gap Snow Clearing Quarters which is currently on a Government Road Reserve to the resort.
  • The Removal of 11.9 hectares of high conservation value land on the northern slopes of Mt McKay to be returned to the Alpine National Park. 

The areas being added to the resort are highly disturbed and are a legacy of the Resort’s hydro-electric heritage. The same legislation also preserves two existing leases over areas associated with the Kiewa Valley hydro-electric scheme.

Falls Creek Alpine Adventures

Falls Creek Outdoor Adventures is a new series of fun, tours and rentals in and around the village that commenced operation at the beginning of February and will run through to Easter 2013. The adventures features canoe hire, mountain bike hire and Segway tours. Tours start from a 15 minutes introductory Segway session through top 1 hour tours, 2 hour canoe hire and bike hire for a full or half day. Segway teaser sessions run every Monday morning and Friday afternoon on the grassy lawn of Slalom Plaza. Canoe hire is hosted at Rocky Valley Lake foreshore every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Mountain bikes are available everyday from the Visitor Information Centre. 

Contact or News


Noel Eltringham

Hon Secretary Bogong Ski Club

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Committee Contact Details 

President:                                 Martin Juniper:             0407 412 899

Vice-President/Supplies:            Paul Bell:                      0409 042 049

Secretary:                                Noel Eltringham:            0409 541 455

Treasurer:                                  Alan Smith:                   0438  532 504

Booking Officer :                     Marie O’Brien:               0431 475 223

(Contact hours: Tues - Thurs 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm;

Sat – Sun 7:00pm – 9:30 pm)

Notice of Annual General Meeting

2013 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is to be conducted at 2.00pm on Saturday 31 March at Bogong Ski Club, Falls Creek Road, Falls Creek.

Please bring a copy of this notice and the agenda with you to the meeting, along with the minutes of the 2012 AGM.

Meeting Agenda

1. Committee Reports

Presidents Report

Secretary’s Report

Treasurers Report

2. Election of Office Bearers

3. Honoraria

4. Appointment of Auditor

5. Review of Rules of Bogong Ski Club - Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012

The Victorian Department of Justice has recently outlined a number of requirements under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 that the constitution of clubs and organisations must address. Prior to the submission of any revised rules to the Department for incorporation into the Rules of Bogong Ski Club, the new requirements will have to be addressed and brought to members of Bogong Ski Club for a resolution. Work is progressing on these new requirements.



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