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Welcome to the BSC Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to the Autumn Bogong Ski Club Newsletter. The clubs AGM was conducted on 23 March and by now all members should have received the minutes of the AGM and the reports that were presented to the meeting.


The recent Autumn snowfalls at Falls Creek provide some positive signs for the winter ski season ahead, particularly after the bushfire affected Summer.

Member News

Two new members who are spouses of existing members have been accepted into the club. The new members are Chris Pratt and Kellie Preston.

Falls Creek Resort Boundary Change

An amendment to the National Parks Act in Victoria has made a number of changes to the Falls Creek resort boundary including:

  • the addition of 9.6 hectares of land from the Alpine National Park on the northern foreshore of the Rocky Valley Storage
  • a small realignment of land in Sun Valley that currently houses Resort infrastructure
  • the addition of part of the Howmans Gap Snow Clearing Quarters which is currently on a Government Road Reserve

The areas being added to the resort are highly disturbed the legacy of the Resorts hydro-electric heritage. In return an area of 11.9 hectares of high conservation value land on the northern slopes of Mt McKay has been returned to the National Park.

Resort Entry Season Passes

Resort entry passes are to cost $310 for the 2013 ski season. For those of you lucky enough to get in Early Bird prices for those applying for entry passes prior to 30 April was $270.

Remember next year to get your applications for entry passes in early. Applications for Early Bird passes open at the beginning of March.

Under restructured pricing, free resort entry for over 65’s no longer applies. Replacing this is a 10% discount on all entry passes with no restrictions on the ages of other passengers in the vehicle.

Bookings at Bogong Ski Club

Bookings for the 2013 ski season are in full swing with our new Booking Officer Andrew Smith being kept quite busy processing booking applications.

The school holiday period (30/06 to 14/07) is almost completely booked out with 1 triple room available in the second week. There is still plenty of room for the remainder of July and August, but twin/double rooms are filling fast.

Limited Member bookings will be received from 1 May 2013.

For booking forms and details, please refer to the club website: and email Andrew on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Most major maintenance items have now been completed around the lodge.

These included the;

  • painting of rooms 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 14 and 15
  • replacement of one of the electric hot water systems which collapsed at the start of last season
  • replacement of a broken windows in the dining room and the children’s lounge and the installation of two new windows in the kitchen where the seal had broken down dual glazed windows
  • replacement of the shower in room 11 with a new solid base as the existing moulded shower cubicle was leaking into the room below;
  • The chilli billi in the kitchen is being replaced with a unit more suited to use at altitudes at which the club is located
  • The returning guest storage units have been ordered and will be installed in May

The replacement of the roofing tech screws is likely to have to wait until next summer as more specialist technical advice is required on the installation of safety anchor points on the roof prior to the roofing work being undertaken.

Working Bee weekend

The annual working bee is being held at the lodge on the weekend of 25 May. Minor items of maintenance, restocking of supplies and a general lodge clean will be undertaken. Members are welcome to join and lend a hand, with free accommodation on the weekend being offered for a good days work.

Please contact the Booking Officer for bookings on the weekend.

AGM Rule Change

At the recent AGM on 23 March 2013, a Special Resolution for a revision to rule 5 was passed by the members.

The rule change simplifies the transition between Junior to Full Membership be removing the criteria of full time student and bringing forward the age at which Junior Members are required to apply for Full Membership from 24 to 21. This rule change will be ratified when addressing the remainder of the requirements under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 that the constitution of clubs and organisations must address.

The new rule will be applied in a transition period on a case-by-case basis by the Committee for Junior Members that are immediately within the age affected.

If you or your family member is affected by this, please contact the Secretary (Noel Eltringham) to discuss further.

Committee Contact Details

President: Martin Juniper: 0407 412 899

Vice-President: Paul Bell: 0409 042 049

Secretary & Maintenance: Noel Eltringham: 0409 541 455

Treasurer: Alan Smith: 0438  532 504

Booking Officer: Andrew Smith: 0422 138 955 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(Contact hours:  Monday— Friday 5—7 p.m.)

Supplies: RT: 


Contact or News 

Noel Eltringham

Hon Secretary Bogong Ski Club

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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