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Welcome to the first Bogong Ski Club Newsletter for 2017. 

Members are reminded that junior members can now join the club as full members from when they turn 18 years of age and before they turn 21 years of age. It is up to members to ensure junior members of the family maintain their membership for five consecutive years preceding their application to qualify to become a full member of the club. Once turning 21 years of age children of full members are no longer eligible to stay at Bogong Ski Club as a junior member.

Member News

Meredith M is welcomed as a new member of the club. Meredith is the spouse of a full member Trent M.

Annual General meeting

The Annual General Meeting is to be conducted at 2.00pm on Saturday 25 March 2017 at Bogong Ski Club, 25 Falls Creek Road, Falls Creek.

A notice is provided for the AGM at the end of this newsletter. It includes the agenda and the minutes of the 2016 AGM.

Booking System

The online booking system is continuing to be refined with some of the problems that occurred last year now being eliminated from the system.

Bookings for each year from 31st March to the day prior to Queens Birthday weekend of the following year will open at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which for 2017 is on 25 March. 

Financial Full Members, and financial Junior Members wishing to make bookings have priority of bookings for three weeks after the AGM, which for 2017 is 15 April. 

A member can make multiple bookings of beds in the same room and make the appropriate payment. Members cannot make bookings for beds in different rooms in the same period and then reallocate these bookings to different members or limited members. A name needs to be put against each individual booking. 

From 15 April to 1 May members plus accompanying Limited Members can make bookings. 

Bookings from returning Limited Members not accompanied by a member can be made from 1st May. 

New Limited Members and Limited Members who did not use the lodge in the previous year are required to complete a Limited Member Application Form and return with their booking form and payment. 

Bookings without payment will be held for EIGHT DAYS ONLY and must be paid within that time. If payment does not occur the booking WILL BE CANCELLED. The onus is on the person making the booking to expedite the booking NOT the Booking Officer.

Any alteration to bookings has to be done through the Booking Officer. The Booking Officer will maintain a wait list for all types of bookings and where a booking is not paid for or contravenes the booking rules the booking officer is able to re-allocate that room to a person(s) on the waitlist.

Falls Creek Summer Activities

So you thought your visits to Falls Creek had to include snow. There is an ever increasing range of summer activities available to the visitor to Falls Creek. Some activities are self-organised while others have varying degrees of service from the Falls Creek Resort Management. 

For a full list of summer activities go to the Falls Creek Resort Management website at

Peaks Challenge

An increasing number of over 2000 cyclists from around the globe are now attempting to rise to the challenge and take on one of the world’s toughest and most picturesque cycling events in the Victorian Alps, Bicycle Network’s Three Peaks Challenge, Falls Creek.

The 235-kilometre ride provides cyclists with a course that is comparable with some of the mountain stages of major cycling events from around the world with climbs of Tawonga Gap, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek. Our president Andrew Smith is a regular contestant in this event and last year achieved a major goal of finishing the ride in under ten hours. If he can do it ultimately you can do it, so if you are a cyclist have a go and get your booking in for the lodge before it is booked out.

Mountain Biking

Falls Creek Mountain Bike Park has arrived. 40km+ of machine-built singletrack winding through the serene snow gums of a brilliant alpine terrain, it is almost too good to shred. Falls Creek is the rider's mountain. All trails start and finish in the resort so matter what trail you take each descent is matched with a technical uphill to take you back to the top. Easy cruiser, fun flowing descent or all-mountain bash packed with features, Falls Creek has it.

Take out the legwork out of it to get to the top of the new MTB trails with Gravity Shuttle.

Falls Creek has teamed up with Blue Dirt Biking to offer a range of weekend Gravity Shuttle dates. Shuttles leave from the new Bike Cafe at the Slalom Day Car park from 10.00am until 4.00pm each day of operation. Shuttles head uphill to take riders to the Summit and Pretty Vally Road, accessing trailheads for frying Pan Spur, High Voltage, Thunderbolt, Wishing Well, The Generator, Vortex and Lakeview. There is also a pickup at Howmans Gap at the end of Flowtown. 

And of course, don't forget that Falls Creek also offers fantastic riding for families with smaller children who might not want try out the downhill trails (and don't fancy the uphills much either!).  Falls Creek is unique in Australia in that it has 10s of kilometres of flat bridleway style trails that run parallel to the Rocky Valley Dam aqueducts (including the famous Falls Creek "race line").  These tracks are easily navigable by children on smaller bikes, and wind their way around the contours of the ridges with breathtaking and spectacular views in abundance.  Definitely a must for any budding young riders and a wonderful way of having a family biking experience in the mountains.

Easter 2017

 Celebrate Easter at Falls Creek which will once again host the annual Easter Festival. There are loads of activities for all ages.

Anzac Day Dawn Service 25 April

An Anzac Day Dawn Service is to be held once again at the Eagle Rock under the Eagle Chair on the Falls Creek to Mt McKay Road. A free shuttle service is available from the village for the service.


Major maintenance items planned prior to or just after the close of the ski season are:

  • Remedial work to re-establish drainage along the west wall of the lodge, this is still with Falls creek Resort management who have advised that the work has been overlooked in the last two months. Peter Purcell our maintenance officer advises that this work is now a priority.
  • Replacement of two cracked double glazed windows in the dining room, one in room 8 and one in room 9, ordered and awaiting installation.
  • A meeting is being arranged with the electrician who does maintenance work at the club to organise installation of two new convection ovens, maintenance on the exhaust fans and replacement of the element in the boiling billy with an element that is functional at the altitude of the club. Wiring is also being installed that will ultimately allow remote start-up and shut-down of the boiler.
  • A design for a bike rack and lockable storage area along part of the north wall has been sought.
  • Painting the outside of the lodge has to await window installation and replacement door frame for the door to the lounge room.
  • Replacement of the toilet bowl in room 9.

2016/2017 Committee Elections 

As most members of our club would appreciate three committee positions come up for election each year. This year as only three candidates submitted nominations for election, so no election was required and these people stand on the committee for another three years from the 2017 AGM. The three members are: 

  • Kate Eltringham
  • Richard Jowett
  • Peter Purcell 

Committee Contact Details


Andrew Smith

0422 138 955

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Noel Eltringham

0409 541 455

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Graeme Obst

0428 211 477

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Booking Officer

Andrew Smith

0422 138 955

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Robyne Tinlin

0419 614 090

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Peter Purcell

0411 194 694


BOGONG SKI CLUB Notice of Annual General Meeting

2017 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is to be conducted at 2.00pm on Saturday 25 March 2017 at Bogong Ski Club, 25 Falls Creek Road, Falls Creek. 

This notice includes the AGM Agenda, so please bring it with you to the meeting, along with the minutes of the 2016 AGM which are recirculated for your information. 

Meeting Agenda 

1.  Minutes of 2016 Annual General Meeting 

2.  Committee Reports

     2.1 Presidents Report

     2.2 Treasurers Report

     2.3 Maintenance Report 

3.  Election of Office Bearers 

4.  Honoraria

5.  General Business

     5.1 Bogong Ski Club Lease Renewal - Update

     5.2 Members Permanently Living Overseas - Update

     5.3 Expansion of Clause 12A to Include a Wider Range of Family Members to Whom Membership can be Gifted - Update








Noel Eltringham

Ben Whitnall

Richard Jowett

Margret Whitnall

Martin Juniper

Phillip Smith

Peter Purcell

Julie Dutta

Paul Condon

Deepak Dutta

Kate Eltringham

Sanjay Dutta

Mary Widdicombe

Adrianne Kirton

Paul Bell

Sharon Bear

Judy Edward

Stuart Bear

Lawrie Edward

Graeme Obst

Linda Smith

Claire O'Brian

Graeme Smith

Steve O'Brian

Brendan Bain

John Curtis

Alan Smith

Andrew Smith

Mike Gaylard

Jenny Gaylard

Robyne Tinlin



Kevin Prouse

Simon & Brooke Juniper

Peter & Erin Draper

Lindsay & Lexi Juniper

Rhonda Beecher

Robert Condon

Ros Savro

Rebecca Smith

Naomi Savro

Hannah Smith

Trever Robertson

Trist and Keiran Loder

Kellie White

Janelle Smith

Tamsin Jowett

David O'Brien

Robin Jowett

Chris Fatouros

Charlotte Jowett

Alyson Whitnall

Kiersten Jowett

Tom & Robyne Wilmot

David Smith

Stuart Wilmot

Sarah Jowett

Anita Martin

Tony Tinlin

Neal Martin

Sandra Petty

Andrea Curtis

Lisa Curtis

Sue Hall

Karen Curtis



Meeting opened 2.10 pm


CHAIRPERSON: Andrew Smith - President

  1. 1. Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting

Motion : That the minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) as reported by Andrew Smith be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Moved: Martin Juniper Seconded: Judy Edward

Motion carried

2.    Committee Reports

2.1     Presidents Report

Presidents report circulated as attached.

Motion : That the presidents report be accepted as circulated and presented.

Moved: Mary Widdicombe Seconded: Kate Eltringham

Motion carried


2.2     Treasurers  Report

Treasurers report circulated as attached.


Committee resolved at earlier meeting that annual subs be increased by CPI.

By way of example: Family Sub: increased from $437 to $445

Individual:  increased from $305 to $310

Motion: That the Treasurer’s report be accepted as circulated and presented.

Moved Graeme Smith Seconded Adrianne Kirton

Motion carried

2.3     Maintenance Report

The maintenance report as attached.


Motion: That the Maintenance report be accepted as presented.

Moved Paul Bell Seconded Lawrie Edward

Motion carried


3.0 Election of Office Bearers


All positions were declared vacant.  Lawrie Edward was asked and accepted by the AGM to preside for election of the president.


President: Nomination Andrew Smith

Moved Graeme Obst Seconded John Curtis

Andrew Smith elected unopposed


Andrew Smith (in his capacity as president) presided over the balance of the committee office bearer nominations/elections.


Vice President: Nomination  Brendan Bain

Moved Noel Eltringham Seconded Andrew Smith

Brendan Bain elected unopposed


Treasurer: Nomination Graeme Obst

Moved Alan Smith Seconded Martin Juniper

Graeme Obst elected unopposed


Secretary/Public Officer: Nomination Noel Eltringham

Moved Richard Jowett Seconded Martin Juniper

Noel Eltringham elected unopposed


Booking Officer: Nomination Andrew Smith

Moved Peter Purcell Seconded Marie O'Brien

Andrew Smith elected unopposed


Supply Officer: Nomination Robyne Tinlin

Moved Paul Bell Seconded Jenny Gallard

Robyne Tinlin elected unopposed


Maintenance Officer: Nomination Peter Purcell

Moved Kate Eltringham Seconded Marie O'Brien

Peter Purcell elected unopposed


4.0 Honoraria

Proposal to increase the honoraria be increased by the CPI.

The honoraria for the positions to now stand at:

  • Treasurer                         $1558
  • Secretary                         $1558
  • Maintenance Manager        $801
  • Supplies Officer                 $801
  • Booking Officer                 $3116*

Andrew Smith explained that with the new booking system, the workload of the booking officer has reduced.  Accordingly, it has been reduced to twice that of Treasurer/Secretary (from $5222 last year)

Moved John Curtis Seconded Brendan Bain

Motion Carried


5.0    General Business

5.1     Discussion of possible amendments to rules

5.1(a) Introduction

Andrew Smith introduced the discussion on possible changes to the rules as put forward and discussed at recent committee meetings.

He emphasised that this is a discussion only and that no vote or decision would be made at the meeting.

The AGM simply presented an opportunity for those in favour of the changes to put forward their reasons and for there to be an opportunity for discussion amongst the membership, and for the membership to express their views.

5.1(b) Rule 5e

Proposed new text:

Rule 5e

On becoming a non-Australian domiciled full member of at least three years and not having used the club for accommodation in that period a member may apply to the Secretary for a reduction of his or her annual subscription of 50% for subsequent years. Should the member seek to use the club for accommodation at the full member rates the member is required to pay his or her full annual subscription. On returning to Australia as a normal place of residence the member is required to pay full membership subscription rates.

PP introduced this and explained that he considers an amendment to the rules enabling subs to be reduced for members who are overseas for 3+ years and have not been using the club.  This is particularly for younger members to be relieved of the burden of paying the annual sub in a time where we might otherwise lose them as young members.

Comments from the floor included:

  • One member commented that he had been overseas for 14 years, and he thinks this would be a welcome flexibility for young members.  He would have given up his membership had his parents not had the foresight to keep paying for it.  Now, with children of his own, he highly values the membership.  We don't want to lose young enthusiastic members who will contribute in the next generation.
  • Another member said why not reduce the sub to "zero" if they meet the criteria?
  • It was observed that this would be unlikely to represent a significant financial loss to the club, but would help the young members who find themselves in this position
  • Perhaps limit to 1/3 of the subscription, but allow it to continue for a maximum of 10 years?
  • Suspension ok, but have an admin fee.
  • What about extending to apply to persons who are unable to use the club for an extended period of time owing to illness?
  • One member observed that 50%of the annual fee is only $150. This hardly a significant financial burden on the member.  All members should pay the full membership: the membership is a privilege, not a right.

5.1(c) Rule 12A

Proposed revised text:

Rule 12A

A member may:

Upon his or her resignation from the Club nominate a blood relative or relative in law as either a full member of the Club in place of the member or as a junior member eligible for election as a full member upon compliance with the requirement of Rule 5. Such nomination shall be approved by the Committee which shall take into account the use of the lodge for accommodation by the relative in the previous five years.

Kate Eltringham introduced the amendment noting that nephews/nieces (or other blood relatives) who are regular users of the club should be able to be gifted with a membership from a retiring member.

Observations from members included the following:

  • One member asked how many times Rule 12A in its existing form has been engaged.  The committee advised not many – possibly only one occasion.
  • How should this rule be applied? Should it be available to step children?
  • Should memberships be able to be "willed"?
  • One member remarked that new memberships and new blood are good.  Introducing this modification to rule 12 could mean those people on the waiting list will by bypassed and never be offered membership.  Surely any niece, nephews, etc. who would like to be a member, is active,  can be added to the waiting list and become a member in due course?  Need to have a method of attrition for membership so we can have new members coming in.  Introducing a rule like this might just close the circle further.
  • Other members endorsed this view. Shouldn't bypass the waiting list.
  • Another member raised concerns that introducing this rule might not mean just one membership; if the membership is passed on to a relative who has husband or wife, and children, it could mean replacing one membership with a number of members.
  • Key that any new member (whether on waiting list or as beneficiary to Rule 12a) need to be active users of club.   They are the memberships the club wants to encourage.

5.1(d) Follow up/ next steps

The committee noted, in response to a question from the floor, that they would welcome written comments or submission on either rule change.

Marie is to check to see whether something can added to the website where members can make comments/establish a dialogue or "blog".  Also perhaps putting a comments book up in the lodge.

5.2     Working Bee

This has been confirmed for 14-15 May 2016.

Important: PP noted that a call is out to all able-bodied members with strong backs (men or women), but particularly those of the younger generation, to help with the excavation of the aggregate drain.  Please bring own spade.  Many hands will make light work.

Accommodation is free for all working bee attendees.

Meeting closed at 3:04pm.

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